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SUMMER 2018: Heartworm Disease, Bravecto for Cats, Chews for Your Dog, Hospital News, Meet the Editors

SPRING 2018:  Springtime and Your Pets, Mosquitos and Zika Virus, Gabapentin Use in Cats, Traveling with Your Pet, Hospital News, Meet the Editors

WINTER 2018:  Rabies, Libres Law, Hospital News, Meet the Editors

FALL 2017: Cats and Carriers, Kennel Cough, Hospital News, and AAHA Accreditation

SUMMER 2017:  Canine Cruciate Disease, Summer Food Safety, Cats and Carriers, Itchy Dogs, Hospital News

SPRING 2017:  Leptospirosis, Do You Brush?, The Human Animal Bond, Teeth Have Feelings Too, Simparica, Hospital News

WINTER 2017: Cushing's Syndrome, Canine Influenza, A Tribute to Rony, MovoFlex, Iams Prescription Diets, Hospital News

FALL 2016: Entropion, Microchipping, Hospital News, Arthritic Pain, and Meet the Staff

SUMMER 2016: Update on Medications, Rabies Threats, Hospital News

SPRING 2016: Heartworm Disease, A Personal Story, Scouts Visit JCAH, Hospital News

WINTER 2016 -  Canine Flu, Let's Get Physical, Rabies in Iowa, Osurnia, Hospital News

FALL 2015 - Choosing a Breeder, Picking your Puppy, Testing your Puppy, Hospital News

SUMMER 2015 - Exercise and your dog, Raw Diets, Pet Loss Support, Ideal Balance, Hospital News

SPRING 2015 - Xylitol, Treats for Your Pet, Lyme Disease in Iowa, Hospital News

WINTER 2015 - Heart Disease, Pet Hospice Care, Checking the Chip!

FALL 2014 - FLUTD, Adoption, National Technician Week, Hospital News

SUMMER 2014 - Heat Alert, Puppy Socialization, Kitty Litter, Meet New Staff!

SPRING 2014 - New Heartworm Chewable, Lyme Disease Complications, Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Panleukopenia Outbreak

WINTER 2014 - Diabetes, Kennel Staff Spotlight, Spaying and Neutering

FALL 2013 - Halloween and Chocolate, Lyme Disease, Rocky the Squirrel

SUMMER 2013 - Probiotics, Morris Animal Foundation, Baby Products and Pets, Tick Season, Metabolic Weight Diet

SPRING 2013 - New Allergy Diet, Dog Bite Prevention, Immunotherapy, Canine Epilepsy, New Flea & Tick Medications

WINTER 2013 - Kitchen Toxins, Dogs and Your Health,Pet Insurance, Apps for Pet Owners, Iowa Pet Alert, Pet Portals Discontinued

FALL 2012 - Fatty Acids, Afya Serengeti Project, Parasite, Prevention Refills

SUMMER 2012 - Eye Diagnostics, Hypothyroidism, Boarding Procedures, Car Safety and Your Pet, Rabies Vaccination

SPRING 2012 - Itchy Pets, Prescription Disposal, Rechecks, Fleas and Ticks, Pet Licensing

WINTER 2012 - Dental Health Month, Canine Influenza, Common Pet Injury-Torn Nails, Top 10 Toxins, Doggie Daycare

FALL 2011 - Dog Flu, Pet Portal, Laser Therapy, Pets and Vomiting, Parasite Control, Boarding Reservations, JCAH Mission Statement

SUMMER 2011 - The Role of Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Visits and Your Cat, 20 Years of Service at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital, New Products for Heartworm and Flea/Tick Control, "Share the Care"

SPRING 2011 - Heartworm Preventative Updates and the Introduction of a New Parasite Preventative, Arthritis and Dogs, Dog Friendly Places, Share the Care, Pet Portal

WINTER 2011 - Winter Weight, Leptospirosis, Year-round Parasite Prevention

FALL 2010 - Holiday Toxins, Salmonella, Pets and Your Health

SUMMER 2010 - Hot Weather Safety; Feline Revolution; Emergencies; Periodontal Disease; Cats and ADHD Drug; Cancer in Pets

SPRING 2010 - Springtime reminder about Heartworms, Fleas and Ticks; Keeping Your Dog In Shape; Dog Bite Prevention; Potentially Harmful Foods in Food and Medications; Parvovirus

WINTER 2010 -Cold Weather Care; H1N1 Update; Rabies immunizations schedule; Microchipping your pet

FALL 2009 - Influenza and your dog; Quality of Life Considerations; Taking Your Cat to the Vet; An ARF Success Story

SUMMER 2009 - Cats and Heartworm; Profender® - topical cat dewormer; Dental Disease; Pawsitive Savings - for your pet's health care needs

SPRING 2009 - Allergies; Hypertension in Cats; An ARF Success Story; Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA); Baylisascaris Parasite

WINTER 2009 – Digital Radiography; I-Care; Genetic Testing; Ticks; Xylitol Toxicity

FALL 2008 – Holiday Pet Safety; Convenia ®; Toy Safety

SUMMER 2008 – Summer Care Tips; Microchipping; Boarding; Acupuncture

SPRING 2008 – Heartworm; Choosing a Puppy; Feline Nutrition and Environment

WINTER 2008 – Dental health; Year-round Heartworm; Animal Relief Fund; Anesthesia

FALL 2007 – Allergy Update; Senior Wellness; Canine Obesity; Parasites

SUMMER 2007 – Newsletter Introduction; Parasites and pets; Leptospirosis

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